Enabled and disabled libraries

You can enable and disable libraries. By default, libraries are in the enabled state when you create them.

To disable a library, click Settings > Plan Settings > Asset Library Definitions, and click Disable. To enable it again, click the Enable link.

You can change the state of a library to disabled at any time; however, when you disable a library:

  • Users cannot access disabled libraries or the assets they contain. They cannot view or edit assets in a disabled library, or browse to the library to add attachments to projects or to add approval items.
  • When a user attaches new files to a project or an approval, disabled libraries do not display in the selection list.
  • If there is a link in an alert or email message to an asset that is in a disabled library, the link does not work.
  • However, if an asset in a disabled library is also an attachment to a project or approval, users can access the asset from that project or approval.
  • Only administrators can change a disabled library.