Configuring a Collaboration Tool

You can configure a collaboration tool with Unica Plan. Unica Plan provides out-of-the-box settings that you can use to collaborate using Slack. Slack is not packaged with the Unica installer. You have to create your own Slack account. The Plan administrator will set up the configurations required to use the collaborations tool.

About this task

Some rules related to using a third-party collaboration tool are as follows:
  • The project owner and the participants should have an account in the third-party collaboration tool.
  • Only the project owner can create a channel for the project
  • If a participant does not have an account in the third-party collaboration tool, the project owner can still add a participant. The participant will be able to view messages and send messages on Plan, but will not be able to send messages on the collaboration tool.
  • The project owner can create only one channel per project.

To configure a collaboration tool and to start collaboration, complete the following steps:


  1. Click the project for which you want to create a collaboration channel.
  2. Click Communicate (Dialog balloon with zero image) in the Unica Plan toolbar and select Configure collaboration tool. The Configure collaboration tool will be disabled for participants (team members) in a project.
    The Configure collaboration tool dialog appears.
  3. Perform the following steps:
    1. Select Enable collaboration tool.
    2. Type an appropriate Channel name.
    3. Click Accept.
  4. Add team members or participants for collaboration. For more information, see Managing project members.
    For verification, see the third-party collaboration tool if the notification appears for successful addition of participants.
  5. Once the members are successfully added, the members can collaborate with each other from Plan or from the third-party application. The notifications and the messages will be visible in both applications.