Grid validation

Unica Plan exposes a validation interface that you can use to write custom data validation rules.

A sample rule that uses the Validator interface and the com.unicacorp.uap.grid.validation.plugin.GridValidatorPluginImpl validator is delivered with Unica Plan.

When you add a form that contains an editable grid to a project template, you can specify a data validation class and rule to validate data that is entered in the grid.

When you work with validation rules, be aware that:

  • The files that contain your validation rules must use a specific format. When you import a rules XML file, it is validated against the gridrules.xsd XML schema.
  • Typically, a rule is specific to a form, as rules are tightly bound to the underlying table structure. As a result, use each rule with only one (editable grid) form.
  • Unica Plan ships with several sample rules that you can use for most validation tasks. You can create and import more custom rules files as needed.

For information about working with editable grids, see Creating grids. For information about importing data validation rules, see Data validation rules.