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Unica Link Documentation
Welcome to the Unica Link 12.1.8 documentation, where you can find information about how to administer and use Unica Link.
System Requirements
Introduction to Unica Link
Unica Link is a component that can be installed separately from the Unica application.
Unica Link prerequisites
Ensure that these prerequisites are met before installing Unica Link.
Microsoft Windows installation
This section describes how to install Link using the Windows Installer.
Linux Installation
You can install Unica Link in two modes:
Upgrading the Unica Link Multi Partition Utility
Admin tool guide to update the multi partition upgrade utility for Linux Docker, Windows and Linux Native.
Setting up Journey and Campaign for Unica Link
Link Cosmos DB integration
The purpose of this document is to guide on integrating your web application with Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB. By following the steps outlined herein, you will seamlessly incorporate Cosmos DB into your application's data storage and retrieval processes.
Logs are produced for your use by Link, the Runtime REST API, and Kafkalink.
Enabling Unica Link to run on HTTP protocol for Windows and Linux Installation
Encrypting the password in the properties file
To enhance security and safeguard sensitive information, encrypt the password stored in the properties file adding a layer of protection to the data.
Encrypting the config.yaml properties
This section describes how to encrypt the config.yaml properties for Linux -A and Windows.
Verifying the config.yaml file
This section describes how to verify the validity of your config.yaml file after making changes in it. When editing the config.yaml file, ensure that the modifications you make are valid. To verify the validity of your config.yaml file after making changes, perform one of the following procedures based on your setup:
Configuring SSL Certificates for Link
After installing Link, setup the custom SSL certificates for the Link web UI and the Link runtime application server.
JWT Configuration for Connectors
To configure the JWT (JSON Web Token) there are two options for a customer regarding certificate.
Licensing Guide