Unica Link Docker, Native, and Microsoft Windows installation

Unica Link can be installed and deployed by using either the Native installer, the Docker installer, or the Microsoft Windows installer. The same components are installed in either case.

If you are using Docker for other applications or components, use the Docker installer to create and run the Unica Link containers. If Docker is not available, or if it is not currently used, then install Unica Link by using the native installer. Later sections in this documentation describes the installation in Native mode, Docker mode, and Windows mode.

Unica Link must be configured to point to the Unica installation, to set the security methods to use for API calls (for example, HTTP and HTTPS), and the Kafka server details (if you are using Unica Journey). Some of these parameters need to be specified before installation, but they can also be modified after the installation is complete. The configuration of Link differs between Docker, Native, and Windows installation and details are provided in this documentation, under separate sections for each mode.