configure Command

The configure command is required before using any other command. This command is used to specify the installation type, the Unica integration, and the user or group that the installation is completed as. You must specify the correct option for --integration at a minimum.


  • --type <native|docker> - Specify the installation type. Default: native.
  • --integration <unica> - Specify your integration.
  • --license-file - This option is intended for standalone customer use only. Do not use if you have received Link as an embedded solution.
  • --user - The user to install Unica Link as. This will determine which user has ownership of the processes and directories. This must be an already existing user. Default: current user.
  • --group - The group to install Unica Link as. This provides you with flexibility to share Unica Link directories with a group of admins. Default: current group.


You cannot change the integration type after you run install. If you notice an error after installation, you must extract the Unica Link package into a new directory and start over.