Known issues

The following table lists the known issues in Unica Journey 12.1.7:

Defect ID Known Issue
HMA-360381 Delete Journey - If rest TP is having responses, journey is not getting deleted
HMA-354530 LOOP- Interation counts available on kafka topics are not get added on iteration wise on deliver TP stats
HMA-359421 If you add an invalid password for the generated certificates, REST Touchpoint does not process the data.
HMA-348450 Loop - audience accepted time is showing always same in all iteration on loop stats
HMA-356986 In case of a REST Touchpoint, the GET API key operation is not executing because of an authorization error.

Delete Journey does not work for DB2 if data is processed through it .

Work around

Schema name must be replaced with actual schema name on which schema the script will run.

Script is as below, highlighted text should replace with actual schema name:
CURSOR c_syscate_ref IS
SELECT ref.* from syscat.references ref 
r_syscate_ref c_syscate_ref%rowtype;
IF NOT c_syscate_ref%isopen THEN OPEN c_syscate_ref;
FETCH c_syscate_ref INTO r_syscate_ref;
EXIT WHEN c_syscate_ref%notfound;
EXECUTE IMMEDIATE 'ALTER TABLE ' || r_syscate_ref.tabname || ' DROP CONSTRAINT ' || r_syscate_ref.constname;
CLOSE c_syscate_ref;
HMA-360359 Pre - Dedup_End_Audience=No flag- audiences getting rejected in multiple of accepted records
HMA-360094 REGBB- If journey having milestone and try to update journey name its showing erro
HMA-359891 REGBB- Some times on deliver email tp after click not showing Publish view
HMA-359811 W & W : Cluster - When user do engine services starts and stop in proper sequnce also at certain time while starting any secondary node its showing server1 instead of 2
HMA-359786 Data_clean- Mileston- After running cleaning script milestone count is not getting updated, though audience data gets deleted
HMA-359692 Mobile Push Channel with Link performance needs improvement
HMA-358913 Cluster setup - If Journey Web is up and running Journey engines not getting started
HMA-358869 Installation - Cluster - showing warning message in installation logs while installation Engine
HMA-357508 After configuring Rest TP with post method and some headers, not saving response mapping fields
HMA-355590 Incorrect formation in on windows
HMA-355496 Publish touchpoint - audiences count issue with multiple journeys being paused/re-published
HMA-355002 Listing pages for journey on New UI not displayed with ISAM login method
HMA-353676 Decision Split processing tps needs improvement if complex rule builder is used
HMA-352729 Full-audiences_POC_build - All audiences are not getting inserted into JourneyAudiences table
HMA-352728 Audience processing with dedup needs improvement and consistency
HMA-352525 Observing database errors for insertion into audiences table during longevity runs
HMA-359255 QueryTimeoutException is observed and journey delete scenario gets stuck when large data is present in all the tables.

Work around

User needs to create the following indexes in the mentioned database tables:
  • create index MY_UJR_IDX_LAF on LoopAudienceFlow(audienceId);
  • create index MY_UJR_IDX_BIDADM on BatchIDAudiencedataMap(audienceId);
  • create index MY_UJR_IDX_JAG on JourneyAudienceGoal(audienceId);
  • create index MY_UJR_IDX_ARHD on AudienceResponseHTTPDetail(audienceResponseId);
  • create index MY_UJR_IDX_ARMD on AudienceResponseMetaData(audienceResponseId);
  • create index MY_UJR_IDX_ARI on AudienceResponseInteraction(audienceResponseId);
  • create index MY_UJR_IDX_AR on AudienceResponse(audienceId);
  • create index MY_UJR_IDX_JAF on JourneyAudienceFlow(audienceId);
  • create index MY_UJR_IDX_AWS on AudienceWaitState(audienceId);
  • create index MY_UJR_IDX_JDRM on JourneyDeliverResponseMaster(audienceId);
  • create index MY_UJR_IDX_JAM on JourneyAudienceMilestone(audienceId);
HMA-358913 Cluster setup - If Journey Web is up and running Journey engines not getting started
HMA-354578 SalesForce Goals - Goals set for Salesforce counting failuer count also