Fixed Defects

The following table lists the defects fixed in Unica Journey 12.1.7:

Defect ID Known Issue
HMA-359192 Unable to input 3 digits value for Delay expression
HMA-358455 Journey Under integrations > Categories > Database > Create Connection, no response is coming
HMA-358336 No data follow through Rest API Touch Point when the Journey is re-publish after pausing
HMA-358166 Delay in showing accepted record details/result page in Journey
HMA-355487 Missing data at Journey when paused and republish journey while the data still flowing from campaign
HMA-355401 Unica Journey Archival Performance Improvement
HMA-354657 Unica Journey code does not support Rest-Endpoint API call over SSL
HMA-352234 Journey eye preview Error Deliver : Something went wrong on the Deliver side. Please contact Deliver administrator.