HCL License Portal - Download Package and Install

To obtain your entitled Software for installing, hover on Downloads and then click on “List Downloads”.

Click on the Product Line that the Product you have entitlement for. The latest version of the software and Previous Versions will be available to you.

Click on the download package to select the download file(s)

Select the file you want to download and click on “Download Selected Files”. Complete the download and use the Server ID during the install process to enable the Product to talk with the Cloud License Server and consume the license quantity you allocated to that Server.

Users of the software will be authorized to use the software up to the allocation of entitlement you made on the Server. They will be present with a message if the entitlement has been consumed.

Clients will be able to exceed the entitlement level on demand and will be billed on a yearly basis for the Overdraft Usage. The Terms of this practice are described on the Order Schedule in the Product-Specific Terms. If you desire to know more about this, contact the HCL Support organization.