HCL License Portal - Create Devices

On the navigator, bar hovers on Devices and then click on Devices.

Your list might be empty if this is your first purchase from HCL Products and Platforms, or you might see a list of devices that were previously created for your account. You may optionally use one of these previously created devices or create a new device for your recently purchased entitlements. Click on “Create Device” for creating a new device.

If you are having multiple environments of HCL Unica products, like production environment, staging environment, etc., it is recommended to create a device for production environments only. Other than production type environments, no other environment needs to have a license configured. If you have multiple production environments, it’s recommended to create a dedicated device for each production environment. This will help to keep the license usage separate across each production environment. From each environment, the user will be able to check the license usage. License usage for all these environments will be consumed from the mapped entitlements.

The entitlement consumption will only be measured on the Production setup.

Enter a Name for your Device and select “Runs License Server”. For Server Deployment select “Cloud”. Later HCL will add support for Local Server. Then enter a Site Name that suits your organization.

You will get a response screen that confirms the Server was created. Record the License Server ID, as this will be used during the install of your purchased software to talk with the Cloud License Server.