An Introduction to Unica Deliver

Unica Deliver is a web-based, enterprise scale marketing message solution that you can use to conduct outbound bulk messaging and transactional messaging campaigns. Deliver integrates with Unica Campaign and with secure message composition, transmission, and tracking resources that are hosted by Unica.

You can use Deliver to create, send, and track personalized email communication. As Deliver installs and operates with Campaign, you can use Campaign flowcharts to precisely select and segment recipient information to customize each message.

Select your audience

Use Campaign to select message recipients and data about each person that you can use to personalize each message.

With Deliver, you can reach large numbers of email recipients quickly and personally. However, you can also configure a mailing to automatically send a single email message in response to a transaction.

Create a message

The Deliver Document Composer provides editing tools that you can use to design, preview, and publish personalized message content. You can create messages with content that you upload to the Document Composer or link to external content when Deliver builds and transmits messages. Deliver provides several ways to design messages that display content conditionally, based on personal data for each recipient.

Send the message and track responses

Depending on your goals, you can schedule a messaging campaign to run as soon as possible or schedule it to run later. Deliver monitors message delivery and tracks recipient responses. The system returns contact and response data to the Deliver system tables that are installed as part of the Campaign database schema.

How to get started

To get started, you must install Campaign and have a hosted messaging account.

System administrators must request a hosted messaging account and work with Unica to configure secure access to the remote messaging and tracking systems. Some messaging features are available only upon request to Unica. For more information about establishing a hosted messaging account and configuring access to Unica hosted messaging, see the Unica Deliver Startup and Administrator's Guide.