Installation overview

Unica Director helps you monitor the Unica Campaign application health, monitor flowcharts, perform clean up operations, migration of campaigns, sessions, flowcharts from one environment to another environment and so on. Unica Director can be installed as a standalone application. Unica Director comes with two modules:
  • Unica Director - Server and
  • Unica Director - Agent

You must set up a single instance of Unica Directorserver instance. This will act as the Unica Director application. Unica Director Agent should be installed on all the machines where Unica Campaign applications are deployed or installed. For example - If you have Campaign web and Campaign Listener installed on same machines, you will need to have Director agent application installed. If you have distributed environment where Unica Campaign web app is deployed on one machine and Unica Campaign Listener machines on another machine - then you will need to install Director agent on both machines running Campaign web and listener components.

In Journey application, If user is using Journey application then they can use the same director server application. Director agent needs to be installed on the machines running Journey components like Journey Web, Journey engine, Journey Kafka/Zookeeper components. If all these components are deployed on differnet machines multiple Director agent installations needed.

Supported Unica Campaign version

Unica Director is compatible with Unica Campaign v11.1 onwards. It is not compatible with older versions of Unica Campaign.