Deploying Collaborate on WebLogic

You can deploy HCL Unica products on WebLogic.

About this task

Use the following guidelines when you deploy Collaborate on WebLogic:
  • HCL Unica products customize the JVM used by WebLogic. You might need to create a WebLogic instance that is dedicated to HCL Unica products if you encounter JVM-related errors.
  • Verify that the SDK selected for the WebLogic domain you are using is the Sun SDK by looking in the startup script (startWebLogic.cmd) for the JAVA_VENDOR variable. It should be set to: JAVA_VENDOR=Sun. If it is set to JAVA_VENDOR=BEA, JRockit has been selected. JRockit is not supported. To change the selected SDK, refer to the WebLogic documentation.
  • Deploy the HCL Unica products as web application modules.
  • On UNIX systems, you must start WebLogic from the console to allow correct rendering of graphical charts. The console is usually the machine on which the server is running. However, in some cases the web application server is set up differently.

    If a console is not accessible or does not exist, you can emulate a console using Exceed. You must configure Exceed so that your local Xserver process connects to the UNIX machine in root window or single window mode. If you start the web application server using Exceed, you must keep Exceed running in the background to allow the web application server to continue running. Contact the Technical Support for detailed instructions if you encounter problems with chart rendering.

    Connecting to the UNIX machine via telnet or SSH always causes problems rendering charts.

  • If you are configuring WebLogic to use the IIS plug-in, review the WebLogic documentation.
  • Add the following parameters in the JAVA_OPTIONS section of startWeblogic.cmd or
    -Dcollaborate.home=Collaborate installation directory
  • If you are deploying in a production environment, set the JVM memory heap size parameters to at least 1024 by adding the following line to the setDomainEnv script:

    Set MEM_ARGS=-Xms1024m -Xmx1024m -XX:MaxPermSize=256m

  • Under certain circumstances, deploying older legacy interactive channels or interactive channels with large deployment histories can stress the system and require 2048mb or greater of Campaign designtime and/or Interact runtime Java heap space.

    System administrators can adjust the amount of memory available to the deployment systems via the following JVM parameters:

    -Xms####m -Xmx####m -XX:MaxPermSize=256m

    Where the characters #### should be 2048 or higher (depending on their system load.) Note that a 64-bit application server and JVM are usually necessary for values greater than 2048.

These are the suggested minimum values. Analyze your sizing requirements to determine correct values for your needs.