Deploying the Collaborate web application

You can deploy the web application by either including Collaborate in an EAR file or by deploying the Collaborate WAR file.

Use the following guidelines to deploy Collaborate:

  • When you run the Unica installer, you might include Collaborate in an EAR file, or you can choose to deploy the Collaborate WAR file. If you included the Platform or other products in an EAR file, you must follow all the deployment guidelines that are detailed in the individual installation guides for the products included in the EAR file.

  • Set the JSP Compilation level in the WebSphere application server to 18.
  • You must know how to work with web application server. Consult your web application server documentation for details such as navigation in the Administration console.
Note: In case of Collaborate and higher, remove the following JVM parameters, if they are set for application server.
  • -Dlog4j.configurationFile
  • -Dlog4j2.configurationFile
  • -Dlog4j2.contextSelector