Procedure - High level

This section describes the high level procedure to execute the Unica Collaborate GDPR utility.

The input csv file containing customer records that are required to be deleted must be created.

Guidelines for creating input csv file

  • String values containing special characters like space, comma, and so on, in customer data must be enclosed in double quotes (“) to the input Customer.csv file.
  • AudienceID must be the column name of the input Customer.csv file. In case of composite Audience level, the audience id must be comma separated.
  • The input CSV file that contains customer information to be deleted from the Unica Campaign system tables can be generated through Unica Campaign using the select and snapshot process box, output only the AudienceID field into the CSV file.
Configure Specify audience information, input records file (required to be erased from the Unica Collaborate system), and so on. In case, no additional audience level is used in Unica Collaborate, mark as a comment the section that mentions the properties for additional audience level. Else, copy and paste the section on Additional audience level for all additional audience levels used in the Unica Collaborate system. Then, modify the section according to each audience level.
  1. Run gdpr_purge.bat /sh.
  2. Review the SQL output generated by the GDPRtool.
  3. Take a backup of the Unica Collaborate system tables.
  4. Execute SQL output by database administrator on Unica Collaborate system tables for all the partitions configured.
  5. Verify that the required customer information is deleted.