New features

Unica Deliver V12.1.1 includes the following features.

SFTP protocol support added for uploading of OLT

OLT uploaded from Campaign flowchart used to be done through FTP protocol. A secure protocol for FTP i.e., SFTP is added, thus the files can now be transferred through safer and secure medium.

Support for SMS communication in Quick Builder

SMS communication channel is added to Quick builder allowing the users to manage SMS templates through Quick Builder.

Make SMS two-way conversational channel

SMS replies are now handled on Deliver side and passed on to Deliver staging table through RCT. So, replies for the SMS can be viewed on respective reports.

Email, SMS and WhatsApp templates can be reused in multiple mailings

The reuse of same template of Email, SMS, Whatsapp or Push in multiple mailings is enhanced. Earlier if a template was used in one mailing, it was not visible in other mailings in list of communications on edit mailing page, but now it can be selected from communication lists.

Transactional support for Push messages

Transactional mailing support for push has been added. Now push mailings enabled for transactional mailings and existing TMS clients can be used to send transactional push. The process to enable the same is similar to enabling the email or SMS from mailing details page of Campaign.

Unica Open Insights

Unica has introduced Unica Open Insights Business Intelligence offering for Deliver. It consists of Deliver open data model, Looker model, and a default dashboard out of the box. For more details, see the Unica Open Insights Guide.

Send time optimization

Unica Open Insights provides the best hour of day for the email recipients based on their past interactions. This information can be used in the upcoming Deliver campaigns. For more details on implementing send time optimization, see the Unica Campaign User Guide.