Unica Optimize session page reference

Unica Optimize sessions require the following information.

Field Description
Session name
Enter a name for the session. Each session must have a unique name. Avoid using the following characters:
  • Pound (#)
  • Dollar ($)
  • Ampersand (&)
  • Less-than (<)
  • Greater-than (>)
  • Apostrophe (')
  • Percent (%)
  • Asterisk (*)
  • Question mark (?)
  • Pipe (vertical bar) ( | )
  • Colon (:)
  • Comma (,)
  • Backward slash (\)
  • Forward slash (/)
  • Double quotation mark (")
  • Tab (<tab>)

After you save this session, the session name displays on the All Optimize sessions page.

Audience level

Select an audience level for this session.

The audience level that you select is appended as one or more fields in the proposed contacts table (PCT) and optimized contacts table (OCT). The audience level defines the type of contact that receives communications from your organization.

Audience levels are defined by an administrator in Unica Campaign. For more information about audience levels, see the Unica Campaign Administrator's Guide.

Unica Optimize template table

(Optional) Select a Unica Optimize template table to include user-defined fields to the PCT and OCT for this session.

When you select a table, the template table details are displayed in the adjacent section.

Objective (Optional) Enter the goal of the Unica Optimize session.

(Optional) Enter a description of the Unica Optimize session.

After you save this session, the description displays on the All Contact Optimization sessions page.

Agent channel

(Optional) Select an Agent channel for this session if you want to run agent capacity optimization.

The default value is None.

If you select None, the agent capacity optimization feature is not usable.

Agent information template table

(Optional) Select an Agent information table for this session. This becomes mandatory if you select An agent channel.

This table contains the agents and their capacity and is populated outside of Unica Optimize.

Agent customer relationship template table

(Optional) Select an Agent customer relationship table for this session.

The Agent information template table and the Agent customer relationship table can be used by many sessions in parallel or after each other; however, even though the same two base tables are used, you must define both tables for each session if you intend to run agent capacity optimization. For example, it can contain the complete agent-customer base for the entire organization, or there can be multiple tables that contain data for specific sessions or data that is related to specific business departments.

During an Optimization run, only the customers that are in the PCT are taken into account, which are also found in the agent customer relationship table that is related to the specific Unica Optimize session.