Create an Optimize session

Before you can build your optimization rules and constraints, you must create an Unica Optimize session.

You can create a Unica Optimize session in either of the two ways:

  • Create Optimize session from scratch.
  • Using a pre-existing Unica Optimize session as a template to create a copy.

When you use another Unica Optimize session as a template, the copy that is created copies the rules and scores from the template session. You can then modify your new Unica Optimize session. The original template session is unchanged. You might want to create a Unica Optimize session that contains all of your standard optimization rules. You can then use that session as a template for all other new sessions to minimize data re-entry. Using sessions as templates both saves time and ensures the consistent application of your business rules and objectives across all Unica Optimize sessions.

This section describes both methods for creating a new Unica Optimize session, and how to edit an existing Unica Optimize session.