Unica Optimize in a multi-locale environment

You can use Unica Optimize in a multi-locale environment, but there are a few caveats.

Support for viewing Unica Optimize in multiple languages is based on the concept of a locale. Locale is the combination of the language that is used in the user interface, and how the interface displays time, numbers, and dates.

Each Unica application supports a specific set of locales, including a default locale. The locale that is used to view Unica Campaign and Unica Optimize is determined by the interaction of the following settings:

  • Support for a locale
  • The default locale for the application
  • The locale preference of the user

Your Unica administrator can define a preferred locale for users.

Unica Optimize and Unica Campaign both support simultaneous access by multiple users with different locale preferences. Consult with your Unica administrator to determine the locales available to you.

There are no locale preferences or restrictions on the names you assign to objects in Unica Optimize or Unica Campaign. You can use any language to name a Unica Optimize session or rule. However, the names you use are not translated. For example, if you have a French locale user with permission to see the Unica Optimize sessions of a Spanish locale user, the French locale user sees the Unica Optimize session and rule names in Spanish.