Configure the Optimize process

The Optimize process is where you define what information is sent to the optimization session, including which cells, which offers, and which scores.

To configure the Optimize process, you must configure the following.

  1. Select the cells for input as described in Selecting the cells for input.
  2. Assign a contact date as described in Assigning a contact date to all contacts.
  3. Assign offers to cells as described in Assigning offers or offer lists to a cell.

    You can optionally define parameterized offer attributes as well.

  4. Associate the process with a Unica Optimize session as described in Specifying a Unica Optimize session.

    You can optionally map additional columns to the PCT.

    Apart from assigning a session from the Optimize tab, you can also create new Optimize session, edit the sesion, copy an existing session and mark it for execution immediately after PCT generation.

  5. Assign scores as described in Assigning score fields in the Optimize process.

The following sections describe these procedures and the Optimize process in detail.