Producing agent capacity optimization output

After you enable agent capacity optimization, create a Unica Optimize session, select the agent tables, and define the Min/Max # Offers Capacity rule to create your output.

Before you begin

Before you run a Unica Optimize session with agent capacity rules, verify the contents of the tables. It is validated if the agent customer relationship table, as well the Agent information table, contain the most up-to-date data. This can be done only outside of Unica Optimize, for example, by using a query editor.


  1. Create a Unica Optimize session, and select the agent channel, agent customer relationship table, and agent information table for this session.
    After you select the tables for your session, you see template details. Ensure whether the agent tables contain the correct audience level for the session that is similar to the configuration of the template tables.
    After saving, the session is ready to use.
  2. Click the Rules tab on the Unica Optimize session you create. Then, select the cross customer Min/Max # Offers Capacity rule on the channel that you selected as the agent channel, which you created during your Unica Optimize session. This rule is the only rule that is supported for agent optimization.
    • A minimum capacity of zero is assumed when the Agent channel is selected. It cannot be changed because the capacity comes from the underlying agent information table.
    • The time period for agent optimization is always This optimization period.
    • As with any other rule, the score is taken into account for the Agent channel.
    • After you add the Min/Max # Offers Capacity rule on the agent channel, you add one or more other rules according to your business goals.
  3. Click Production run.
    After the Unica Optimize session runs, you can export the data from the optimized contact table (OCT) and route it to agents in your organization.
    This is an external procedure from Unica Optimize and is implementation-specific.
    For example, ETL routines can be used from the outcome of the optimized contacts table (OCT). Then, this data can be exported to the agents.
  4. Your output is under the Analysis tab. Your output shows an offer count, as well as the totals for how many contacts were removed and are remaining because of Min/Max # Offers Capacity rule on the agent channel.
  5. Optional: If you get results that underutilized the agent's capacities, enable EnableMaxCapacityConsumption to reduce the loss of agent capacity. Then, rerun the Unica Optimize session.

What to do next

Keep in mind that Unica Optimize does not provide solutions when the agent has too many contacts or when an agent can work on more than the assigned discussions or contacts. You must take this into consideration when you create and populate your tables.