Defining a new audience level for Unica Optimize

You must work with your Unica Campaign administrator to create required audience levels.

Before you begin

You might need to define a new audience level for your Unica Optimize session. Unica Campaign administrators can create new audience levels. When you create an audience level, Unica Campaign creates a virtual contact history table in the Unica Campaign system tables. The administrator must map the Unica Campaign contact history table to a database contact history table (a "physical" contact history table). This step ensures that you have a record of customer contacts. Certain optimization rules are based on whether previous communications were made to a proposed contact. This information is stored in the database contact history table; therefore, mapping the contact history tables is an important step.

After an administrator creates and maps an audience level to a contact history table, the audience level is available for use in a Unica Optimize session.

For more information about defining a new audience level, see the Unica Campaign Administrator's Guide.