Selecting more than one package from a single Extract process

Use this method only if you are sure that the packages are mutually exclusive. This method also requires a custom field in your Unica Optimize template table.

About this task

For information about working with flowcharts, see to the Unica Campaign User's Guide.


  1. Create a batch flowchart in Unica Campaign.
  2. Add an Extract process to the flowchart.
  3. Follow instructions in Selecting the package that contains the optimized contacts, selecting all packages to be processed in the same post-optimization session.
  4. Select the field from which you want to extract optimized contacts.
    Note: You use this same field in the Segment process to segment audience IDs back into their original packages.
    1. From the Extract tab of the Extract process, select a field in the Candidate fields section.
    2. Click Add.

      The field populates the Fields to extract section.

  5. Click OK.
  6. Add a Segment process Head in brackets to the flowchart, and connect the Extract process to the Segment process.
  7. Perform a test run of the Extract process.

    The Extract process runs and communicates information to the Segment process.

  8. Configure the Segment process.
    1. Select the Extract process from the list in the Input field.
    2. Select Segment by field.
    3. Select the field by which you want to segment audience IDs back into their original packages from the Segment by field list.

      This field is the same field that you selected in step 4.

    4. Select the packages that you want to segment and click Close.
    5. Select the Create extract tables check box.
    6. Complete the Extract tab by selecting the Target data source and the fields to include in the Extract table.
  9. Direct each package into its own contact process, for example, the Mail List or Call List process.