Performing a production run of a Contact Optimization session

Perform a production run of a Contact Optimization session to optimize your proposed contacts by using your optimization rules.


  1. From the Summary, Rules, Scoring, or Analysis tab of the Contact Optimization session you want to run, click Execute > Production run.

    The Confirm session run: Production run page displays.

  2. Click Run the session now.

    The Run progress tab displays.


Contact Optimization optimizes the proposed contact list that is based on the rules and scoring in the Contact Optimization session. The optimized contacts table (OCT) populates with the results of the run.

Note: You can continue working in Contact Optimization during a production run of a session. You cannot, however, delete or modify a running session.

You can stop a running session by clicking Stop the run. This command does not stop the session instantly. Instead, it stops the session at the next logical step in the optimization algorithm to ensure a clean shutdown with no corruption of data. It might take a few minutes for the process to stop.