System requirements and compatibility

Contact Optimization operates as part of the HCL® Marketing Software suite of products. Contact Optimization version 11.0 requires HCL® Campaign 11.0.

This section provides the following information for this release of HCL Contact Optimization:

  • Where to find system requirement and compatibility information
  • Changes in support for third-party software

You can upgrade to Contact Optimization version 11.0 from Contact Optimization version 10.1 only.

For more information on Contact Optimization upgrade paths, see the HCL Contact Optimization 11.0 Upgrade Guide.

Contact Optimization supports 64-bit operating systems only.

Where to find complete system requirement and compatibility information

For a list of HCL Marketing Software product versions compatible with this product and a list of third-party requirements for this product, see the Recommended Software Environments and Minimum System Requirements document. This document is posted under Detailed System Requirements on the HCL Support Portal website.