Upgrading eMessage

To upgrade to the latest version of eMessage, you must upgrade Campaign to the same version.

About this task

If you currently use eMessage, note the following information to upgrade eMessage:
  • Upgrading to the latest version of Campaign and eMessage does not affect your hosted email account settings. You can resume mailing after you complete the upgrade.
  • When changes to the eMessage system tables are part of an upgrade, IBM® provides the necessary schema upgrade scripts and procedures.


eMessage can be upgraded in one of the following ways:
  • If you currently use eMessage, the upgrade for eMessage occurs when you run the HCL Marketing Software installer in upgrade mode while upgrading Campaign.
  • If you never used eMessage before, the Campaign upgrade installs the necessary eMessage files but does not enable eMessage for use. After you run the upgrade installer, you must complete the pre-deployment configuration steps that are related to eMessage, as described in Configuring IBM Campaign before deployment.
    To use eMessage to send email, you must contact IBM to purchase a hosted email subscription. For information about how to configure eMessage after you purchase an email subscription, see the IBM eMessage Startup and Administrator's Guide.

What to do next

Restart the Response and Contact tracker (RCT) after the upgrade in one of the following ways.

Restarting the RCT manually

To restart the RCT manually, use the rct start command. The RCT script is stored in the bin directory under your eMessage installation. For more information, see eMessage Response and Contact Tracker (RCT) script.

Restarting the RCT as a service

To restart the RCT every time that you restart the computer where the RCT is installed, add the RCT as a service.

Note: When you restart the RCT as a service, you must manually restart the RCT the first time.