Restarting system components after configuring eMessage

After you change the eMessage and Campaign configurations, you must restart the Campaign web application server, the Response and Contact Tracker (RCT), and the Campaign listener.


  1. Restart the web application server for Campaign.

    For instructions, see the documentation for your web application server.

    To verify that the server has started, log in to your HCL® Marketing Software installation, access Campaign, and confirm that you can open an existing mailing.

  2. Restart the Response and Contact Tracker (RCT).

    To restart the RCT manually, run the rct script in the bin directory under your eMessage installation, as follows: rct start

    If RCT is configured to run as a service, restart the RCT service. The first time that you restart the RCT as a service, you must manually restart the RCT afterward.

    For more information, see eMessage Response and Contact Tracker (RCT) script.

  3. Restart the Campaign listener:
    • On Windows™, run the cmpServer.bat file in the bin directory under your Campaign installation.
    • On UNIX™, run the following command as root: ./rc.unica_ac start