New features or changes in functionality

The following are the list of new features or enhancements in Cloud Native Unica version 12.1.4:

Tomcat Version upgrade in containers
Upgraded Tomcat version from 9.0.59 to 9.0.64.
RHEL container Operating System upgrade
Upgraded RHEL container operating system from RHEL 8 to RHEL 9.
Image Optimization
The WAR file unzips directly into webapps, eliminating the maintainance of the WAR file and improving the Tomcat startup time.
Unica Helm Chart Enhancements
  • Configurable params placed in Values.yaml
  • Removal of domain mapper images
  • init containers and autoscaling sections
  • Multi-cast variables
  • Install commands
  • Scripts and API updates for Kubernetes 1.22
Journey new databases support
DB2 database support added for Unica Journey.
New product addition
New images and helm chart changes for new products Audience Central and Segment Central.