Assigning roles, permissions, and groups for partitions

Before you can use the partitions that you have configured for Unica Campaign, you must assign roles to the user with administrator role in each partition. You must also assign a group to each partition.

Use the partitionTool utility to create a default admin user for each partition that you create.

Assign roles to each partition Admin user - The partitionTool utility creates a default Admin user for each partition you create. On the Users page, assign at least one security role (for example, Global Policy/Admin) to your new user. Once the new user has been assigned the role, you can log into the Unica Campaign partition as that new user.

If you plan to enable Unica Deliver in multiple Unica Campaign partitions, you must configure a corresponding Unica Deliver partition for each Unica Campaign partition. For more information about creating additional partitions for Unica Deliver, see Configuring multiple partitions in Unica Deliver.