Preparing DB2 on z/OS user datasource for Unica Campaign

Follow these guidelines to use a DB2® database on z/OS® as a data source for Unica Campaign.

About this task

Unica Campaign supports DB2® 10.1 and 11 on z/OS® for customer tables only, not system tables. For information about supported versions, see the Recommended Software Environments and Minimum System Requirements.


  1. The database user account must have SYSADM privileges. The DBADM privilege is not sufficient because it does not provide access to all of the required system objects. Without SYSADM privileges, flowcharts might not run successfully.
  2. Database loaders are supported. However, there is not an out-of-the-box approach for loaders on z/OS®. You must set up USS Pipes on z/OS®, write a stored procedure to invoke the DSNUTILU and a script to invoke the stored procedure, then configure the loader to invoke the script. For details, see the Unica Campaign Administrator's Guide.
  3. Set DB2NotLoggedInitially and DB2NotLoggedInitiallyUserTables to FALSE, under Campaign|partitions|partition[n]|dataSources|dataSourcename. For details, see the Unica Campaign Administrator's Guide.