Creating database or schema for Unica Campaign system tables

The Unica Campaign system tables hold application data. The empty database that you set up for the system tables can have any name. To ensure that the system tables will be mapped automatically, the ODBC name for that database must be UA_SYSTEM_TABLES. If you have multiple partitions, create data sources for each partition where you want to enable Unica Campaign.


Complete the following steps to create a database or database schema for Unica Campaign system tables:
  1. Create a system user account for later in the installation process.
    Note: The system user account must have the following rights: CREATE, DELETE, DROP, INSERT, SELECT, and UPDATE.
  2. Print the Unica Campaign installation worksheet. Obtain the information about your database or schema and database account, and then note this information in the checklist. Continue to fill in the checklist as you perform the rest of the steps in this section, so that you can use this information later in the installation process.
    Note: The Unica Deliver system tables are created in the Unica Campaign schema during the installation. However, Unica Deliver is not enabled.