Adding data source properties on the Configuration page

Use the appropriate data source template to add data source properties on the Configuration page for each Unica Campaign data source.

About this task

The Unica Campaign installer imports the template for the database type that you specified for the Unica Platform database when you ran the installer.

If you need other data source templates for additional database types, you must import them manually using the Unica Platform configTool utility. You can import as many templates as you need, to correspond to each different type of database you have.

For example, suppose your installation of Unica Platform and Unica Campaign used the following databases:

  • Oracle - system tables
  • DB2® - customer (user) tables
  • DB2® - additional customer (user) tables

In this case, you would import the DB2Template.xml template for the two sets of customer (user) tables.

If your Unica Platform and Unica Campaign system tables databases are of the same database type, the installer automatically imports the template that is used for the system tables; in this example, it imports the Oracle template.

For instructions, see Importing data source templates.

You create a new category from the template, which creates a new set of data source configuration properties. Create as many new categories as needed, one for each data source of that type. In the example above, you would use the Oracle template to create one new category and the DB2® template to create two new categories. See Duplicating a data source template.

After you add the data source properties, set the data source configuration properties in the categories you created from the templates.

For instructions, see Data source properties.