Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge configuration

Recently, the browsers Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge updated a security fix and this security fix affects the access of Unica applications. We have received some issues from our customers like:
  • issues with UI
  • unable to edit flowcharts
  • getting logged out from Unica

These issues are observed due to the change of behavior in browsers after applying the security fix. Applying the security fix automatically enables Origin-keyed Agent Clusters by default. If the setting Origin-keyed Agent Clusters by default is enabled automatically, it prevents changes in document referrer and domain values so that malicious websites cannot execute any type of impersonation. The setting Origin-keyed Agent Clusters by default existed earlier as well, but was not enabled by default.

If you update Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge to the latest version, you will observe the earlier mentioned issues. Because of how Unica is designed and because the Unica suite is deployed over multiple JVMs, it is essential that you disable the Origin-keyed Agent Clusters by default setting for Unica to function correctly and to provide a good user experience.

As a solution, we recommend that you perform the steps mentioned in the following Knowledge Base article:

Note: The update to Microsoft Edge browser is very recent and the Knowledge Base article is not yet updated for the Microsoft Edge browser.

The CliffsNotes solution is as follows:

  1. Open your browser and navigate to one of the following URLs based on your browser:
  2. From the dropdown of the highlighted parameter Origin-keyed Agent Clusters by default, select Disabled.
  3. At the bottom of the page, click the Apply Changes button.
  4. Log out of Unica applications, log back in, and verify if everything is working as expected.