Unica Platform utilities

This section provides an overview of the Unica Platform utilities, including some details that apply to all the utilities and which are not included in the individual utility descriptions.

Location of utilities

Unica Platform utilities are located in the tools/bin directory under your Unica Platform installation.

List and descriptions of utilities

The Unica Platform provides the following utilities.

  • Clientdetails - generates a key for a client application like Unica Journey to authenticate with one Unica Platform instance.
  • alertConfigTool - registers alerts and configurations for Unica products
  • configTool - imports, exports, and deletes configuration settings, including product registrations
  • datafilteringScriptTool - creates data filters
  • encryptPasswords - encrypts and stores passwords
  • encryptTomcatDBPasswords - encrypt the database passwords that the Tomcat Application server uses internally
  • partitionTool - creates database entries for partitions
  • populateDb - populates the Unica Platform database
  • quartzjobtool - Update scheduler jobs created in version 11.1 and older versions
  • restoreAccess - restores a user with the platformAdminRole role
  • scheduler_console_client - lists or starts Unica Scheduler jobs that are configured to listen for a trigger.
  • insightsdbutil - Installer places report design files which possesses database connection tokens. You must update them for your system database. You must run insightsdbutil.sh/bat utility to update the same. See the Unica Insights Installation and Configuration Guide for more details.

Prerequisites for running Unica Platform utilities

The following are prerequisites for running all Unica Platform utilities.

  • Run all utilities from the directory where they are located (by default, the tools/bin directory under your Unica Platform installation).
  • On UNIX, the best practice is to run the utilities with the same user account that runs the application server on which Unica Platform is deployed. If you run a utility with a different user account, adjust the permissions on the platform.log file to allow that user account to write to it. If you do not adjust permissions, the utility is not able to write to the log file and you might see some error messages, although the tool should still function correctly.

Authentication of utilities

Utilities such as configTool and other Unica back end utilities are designed to be used by system administrators and require physical access to the host servers for them to be invoked. For this reason, authentication for these utilities has been designed to be independent of the UI authentication mechanism. Access to these utilities is available to users with Unica Platform administrator privileges. Access to these utilities is expected to be locally defined in Unica Platform and authenticated against the same.

Troubleshooting connection issues

All of the Unica Platform utilities except encryptPasswords interact with the Unica Platform system tables. To connect to the system table database, these utilities use the following connection information, which is set by the installer using information provided when the Unica Platform was installed. This information is stored in the jdbc.properties file, located in the tools/bin directory under your Unica Platform installation.

  • JDBC driver name
  • JDBC connection URL (which includes the host, port, and database name)
  • Data source login
  • Data source password (encrypted)

In addition, these utilities rely on the JAVA_HOME environment variable, set either in the setenv script located in the tools/bin directory of your Unica Platform installation, or on the command line. The Unica Platform installer should have set this variable automatically in the setenv script, but it is a good practice to verify that the JAVA_HOME variable is set if you have a problem running a utility. The JDK must be the Sun version (not, for example, the JRockit JDK available with WebLogic).

Special characters

Characters that are designated as reserved characters in the operating system must be escaped. Consult your operating system documentation for a list of reserved characters and how to escape them.

Standard options in Unica Platform utilities

The following options are available in all Unica Platform utilities.

-l logLevel

Set the level of log information displayed in the console. Options are high, medium, and low. The default is low.


Set the locale for console messages. The default locale is en_US. The available option values are determined by the languages into which the Unica Platform has been translated. Specify the locale using the ICU locale ID according to ISO 639-1 and ISO 3166.


Display a brief usage message in the console.


Display the manual page for this utility in the console.


Display more execution details in the console.