The EXTERNALCALLOUT macro is available only in Unica Interact.


EXTERNALCALLOUT( calloutName, arg1, ...)



The name of the callout you created using the ExternalCallout API. This name must match the name of the External Callout category you created in Platform.


An argument required by your callout, if required.


EXTERNALCALLOUT enables you to call an external application to add data to your interactive flowchart. EXTERNALCALLOUT can return whatever you have created the callout to do. You must write this callout in Java using the ExternalCallout API. For more details, see the Unica Interact Administrator's Guide.



Calls the callout getStockPrice passing the name of the stock, UNCA, as the argument. This user defined callout returns the stock price as defined by the callout.


The INDEXOF macro is an internal macro available only in Unica Interact. This macro is passed as a parameter in the EXTERNALCALLOUT macro. The macro gets added to EXTERNALCALLOUT with the start of server. No external configuration is required to use this macro.


EXTERNALCALLOUT(‘indexOf’,dimension field expression)



indexOf is passed as a predefined callout name in the EXTERNALCALLOUT macro. This parameter is mandatory and case insensitive.

Dimension field expression

An argument required by the ‘indexof’ callout. The users are required to pass a condition, which can involve multiple dimension table fields.


‘indexOf’ macro provides the capability to query multiple dimension table fields. This macro returns the list of indexes satisfying the given condition for each customer. While creating an interactive flowchart, users can get records based on a given expression. The macro generates an error, if incorrect number of arguments are passed to it. In the event of any syntax errors, the error message is displayed while running the flowchart.

A syntax check does not validate these errors.


For the following dimension table Account_details, EXTERNAL_CALLOUT(‘IndexOf’, Account_details.AccountId>1000 AND account_details.Status=='G')

AccountId Balance Status
101 1100 G
102 800 G
103 1600 G
104 2100 G

The above expression using ‘INDEXOF’ returns a list containing indexes 1 and 4.