Verifying the Unica Campaign installation

If you performed all of the steps to install and configure Unica Campaign, deploy the Unica Campaign web application, and configure Unica Campaign after deployment, you are ready to verify your installation.

Before you begin

If you have not already done so, log in to Unica as a user that exists in the Unica Campaign Administrators role (such as asm_admin). In Settings > Users, assign at least one security role (for example, Global Policy/Admin) to the new user. After the new user is assigned the role, you can log in to Unica Campaign as that new user.

About this task

Use the following procedure to verify the installation.


  1. Log in to Unica.
  2. Verify that all system tables exist in the Settings > Campaign Settings > Manage Table Mappings window.
  3. Create a campaign and create a flowchart in that campaign.