Expected executable usage interface

The ExecutableCampaignValidator plug-in calls an executable file with a command line that contains the following arguments.

  • executable_name: The string set in the validatorConfigString in Unica Platform.
  • data_filename: The name of the file that the executable reads as input. The input data must be formatted in XML.
  • expected_result_filename: The name of the file that the executable should send as output. The expected results are of the form data XXX.xml where XXX is a number.
    • Here is an example of how successful data is sent:
      <ValidationResult result="0" generalFailureDeliver="" />
    • Here is an example of how failed data is sent:
      <ValidationResult result="1" generalFailureDeliver="">
       <AttributeError attributeName="someAttribute" errorMessage="something" />
       <AttributeError attributeName="someAttribute2" errorMessage="something2" />
    • Text in the XML file must be encoded in regular ASCII characters or UTF-8.
Note: It is highly recommended that you provide easy-to-understand error messages to users so they can correct the problem before reattempting another save operation.