Configuring Unica Campaign to use the sample executable plug-in

To use the ExecutableCampaignValidator, adjust the configuration settings at Unica Campaign > partitions > partition[n] > validation.

Set the properties as follows:

  • validationClasspath:
    <Unica Campaign_home>\devkits\validation\lib\validator.jar
  • validationClass:
  • validatorConfigString:
    <Unica Campaign_home>\pdk\bin\

The sample script that ships with the Validation PDK is a Bourne shell script for UNIX. It denies campaign creation to anyone who has the user name "badUser." You can view the code for that executable in the following directory:


You need to develop your own script that performs relevant validation for your implementation. Scripting languages such as PERL and Python are good candidates for text processing scripts like this; however, any language that can be run from the command line is acceptable.