Offers and offer lists

Offers represent the marketing messages that you want to communicate to customers or prospects.

Before creating an offer, an administrator can create an offer template and you must have permission to use that template. To create offers in a folder, you must have appropriate permissions in the security policy that governs that folder.

Alternatively, you can also use the Offer without template feature, only if the administrator enables this feature for you. After the administrator enables this feature, it will be available for all the users of that partition, irrespective of the user's security policy.

With this feature you can create an offer without having fixed set of attributes. When you create an offer, you will see the option Offer without template. Pick attributes of your choice from the list of existing attributes.

Whether you create a new offer, or a new version of an existing offer depends on how the administrator has defined the offer templates. You must create a new offer in the following situations:

  • Whenever non-parameterized offer fields change.
  • When you need a new offer code for tracking purposes.