Confirming external recipients on Android devices

For Android devices, you can choose to prompt the user to confirm the sending of mail to external recipients. This provides an extra step to help prevent the unintentional sending of mail outside of your organization.

Note: This capability is available starting with IBM Traveler

Enabling external recipient confirmation

The controls for this feature can be accessed using the device Default Settings document in LotusTraveler.nsf (for more information, see Assigning preferences and security settings to devices). In Preferences > Security Settings > Android, there is a checkbox for Require external domain validation. If you select this, clients with the appropriate level of the IBM Traveler client will prompt the user to confirm the sending of mail to recipients outside of your organization. There are three additional fields under the checkbox:
  • Internal mail domains
  • Custom warning message
  • Confirmation behavior

Defining external recipients

External recipients are considered to be internet mail addresses to any domain that is not defined as internal in the Internal mail domains text entry field. For example, if your company's internet domain is "" you would put "" in that field. You can also specify a wildcard character (*). If you have multiple subdomains, you might want to specify "*". You can specify multiple internal mail domains by separating them with a comma.

Only internet style addresses will be matched as external, so any groups or aliases you enter will be considered internal.

Table 1. External mail recipient examples
Internal mail domains Email External Yes
joe@renovations No
joe/renovations/us No
sales No
* No Yes

Customizing the confirmation message

You can customize the message that end users see for presenting them with the list of external mail addresses. To do so, enter the text in the Custom warning message field. If you don't enter a custom message, the default (depending on the setting for the Confirmation behavior field) is one these:
  • This mail contains external recipients. Confirm these external recipients.
  • This mail contains external recipients. Select the external recipients who should receive the mail.

The custom message is restricted to 512 characters of text, and it will not be translated (however, default messages are translated).

There are two ways to have the end user confirm the external recipients, and both are selected from the drop down menu on the Confirmation behavior field. If you choose Notify, the user will be asked to confirm the list of recipients as a whole. If you choose Confirm each external recipient, each recipient will be listed with a checkbox that must be selected if that recipient should receive the mail.

Note: If the Prohibit devices incapable of security and Require external domain validation options are checked, then IBM Traveler Android users must upgrade to the current client that includes this level of support before they will be allowed to receive or send data using IBM Traveler.