Upgrade considerations

Follow these steps when upgrading the IBM Traveler server.

In general, you should upgrade both Domino® and IBM Traveler at the same time. Upgrading in this way is required for major releases. For maintenance releases, ensure you are operating at the latest available maintenance level. For information on moving the server to new hardware or to a new OS, see Moving IBM Traveler to a new server.
  1. Shut down both Domino® and IBM Traveler.
  2. Remove TRAVELER from the ServerTasks list in the notes.ini file to prevent Traveler from starting. Leaving TRAVELER in the notes.ini can result in errors on the console due to a mismatch in version levels. These errors will continue to display until both products are upgraded.
  3. Install the new Domino® server.
  4. Start Domino® and allow it to complete any migration tasks.
  5. Shut down the Domino® Server.
  6. Install the new IBM Traveler server (it automatically adds TRAVELER back to notes.ini)
  7. Start the Domino® server, and IBM Traveler starts automatically.
There are additional configuration items to consider after upgrading the IBM Traveler server:
  • As of release and later, all network traffic is now over HTTP or HTTPS. As a result, HTTP threads may be insufficient for your needs. See Tuning performance of the server for details.
  • If all Windows Mobile® and Nokia devices are running IBM Traveler Client 8.5.2 or later, then the TCP Push port (8642 by default) can be disabled. To disable it, set Port for TCP connections to 0 on the IBM® Traveler tab of the server document.
  • As of release and later, it is no longer necessary to modify the Apple.xml for proper configuration of Apple devices. Instead, review the following two bullets to be sure your server is configured correctly, then delete Apple.xml and allow it to be recreated from the AppleTemplate.xml file. This file is not automatically migrated, as it may have been modified by the Administrator.
  • For version 8.5.3 and later releases it is not necessary to use DirectoryAssistance for use with the Corporate lookup function. Corporate lookup will be executed against the user's mail server, however the IBM Traveler server can still be used as the lookup server if desired. See Configuring corporate look up for devices.
  • As of IBM Traveler 9.0, the Windows Mobile and Nokia clients are no longer shipped as part of the server install package. If these clients already exist on the server, they will be preserved and can still be used. If this is a new setup and Windows Mobile and Nokia clients are desired, they are available for download from Fix Central.
  • As of IBM Traveler it is not necessary to upgrade the major version of Domino corresponding to the IBM Traveler version. IBM Traveler supports Domino 8.5.3 and later. It is recommended to be at the latest Domino server release to ensure all features are enabled and all fixes applied.
  • If you upgrade the Domino server major version it is necessary to re-run the IBM Traveler install to ensure proper binary files are installed. For example, if running IBM Traveler on Domino 8.5.3 and you upgrade to Domino 9.0.1 then re-run the IBM Traveler installer.