How do I work with contacts who are important to me?

One of the main aspects of IBM Verse that sets it apart is that it lets you have, within easy reach, all the things that are important to you. People are a big part of this idea.

Note: The Important to Me feature is only available for Connections Cloud users. There is no on-premise support. If you use the IBM Verse at a Glance widget (or the At a Glance drawer from within any of the Verse apps), messages from Important contacts will show in the new mail section with their contact avatar/photo. Tapping on the avatar/photo will take you directly to the messages tab of the Business Card.

Pressing the People button People button takes you to a list of all your contacts. You'll see they're organized into two categories by tabs: All Contacts and Important.

All Contacts represents not only your personal device contacts (optionally enabled by a checkbox in the navigation sidebar), but all of the IBM Traveler or Domino contacts associated with your ID. Tap on a contact to view their Business Card, with additional contact options. Switch to the Messages tab in the business card to see all messages from this contact. Most importantly, you can add any Traveler or Domino contact to your Important list by selecting the Add to Important floating action button (star) in the business card, as long as they have a mail address. Additionally, you can add them to the Important list by long pressing on the contact in the All Contacts list and selecting the star icon in the toolbar.

Press the Important To Me tab from the People display to view the list of people you consider important. This list lets you keep the people you interact with the most within quick reach.

You can add a contact to your Important list by, as mentioned above, pressing the option in the Business Card, or by tapping the + icon in the Important view. You can remove a contact from the Important view by selecting the floating star icon in the business card. Additionally, you can remove them by long pressing on the contact in the All Contacts or Important list and selecting the star icon in the toolbar.

Note: The Important To Me view is limited to 35 contacts.