Configuring ports for a partition

HCL Traveler supports running on multiple Domino® partition servers on the same physical machine. The server must be configured to avoid port conflicts among the partition instances.

About this task

When you set up a Domino® partitioned server, it is best to assign a separate IP address to each partition. You should also use a separate NIC for each partition. Using a separate NIC for each address can make the I/O much faster. And since each partition uses a separate address, port conflicts are avoided. For information about setting up Domino® to bind to separate IP addresses, see the topic "Partitioned servers and IP addresses" in the latest version of the Domino® Administrator documentation.

If you are not going to use a separate IP address for each Domino® partition, then use port mapping and configure your HCL Traveler partitions to use unique port numbers for its services.

Note: If you are planning to setup an HCL Traveler HA environment on a partitioned Domino server, the partitioned server must use separate IP addresses for each partition and not be using port configurations. Set NTS_HOST_IP_ADDRESS=ip_address in the notes.ini file for each partition so that the partitioned HCL Traveler servers can correctly communicate with each other in the HA environment.

Use the following steps to configure unique port numbers:


  1. For each Domino® partition, open the Domino® Administrator client and connect to the Domino® server.
  2. Click Configuration > Server > Current Server Document.
  3. Click Edit Server.
  4. Click Ports > Internet Ports > Web, and enter a port number in the TCP/IP port number field.
    Note: The port value must be unique. For example, if you have two partitions, use 80 and 81.
  5. Click the HCL Traveler tab, and enter port numbers in the IPC Socket Port field.
    Note: These two values must be unique. For example, if you have two partitions use 50125, 50126 on the first partition, and 50127, 50128 on the second partition.
  6. Click Save and Close.
  7. Restart HCL Traveler and the HTTP server.
    Note: The client also requires configuration changes if the ports are changed from the default values for users that connect to the particular Domino® partition.