Monitoring HCL Traveler for Microsoft Outlook users

See who in your organization is using the HCL Traveler for Microsoft Outlook (HTMO).

About this task

Note: This feature is being deprecated and is not recommended to enable. It has a side affect of changing the Traveler Settings tab in the server doc to IMSMO Settings (the data on the IMSMO Settings tab is not used). To see a list of registered users, use the Traveler Web Admin Users view. If your server is an HTMO-only server, then this is the full list of users with HTMO clients. To see more detailed device information, do a traveler system dump or a user dump for a user. Currently HTMO clients do not display in the Web Admin Devices and Device Security views.


  1. Set the client-side notes.ini variable OutlookEnv=1 if it is not already set.
  2. Use the Domino® Administrator client to connect to the server you are interested in.
  3. Navigate to the Server > Status tab and select Microsoft Outlook Users in the navigator:
    Server - Status tab with Microsoft Outlook Users selected
    If you don't see Microsoft Outlook Users as a selection, remember that the client-side Notes®.INI variable OutlookEnv may override the server document settings. If OutlookEnv=1, the Microsoft Outlook tab will be enabled when the server document is edited and saved. If OutlookEnv=0, the tab will be disabled when the server document is edited and saved. This Notes®.INI setting applies to any server document that is modified while the INI variable is in effect, so after changing a server document, the INI setting should be removed and the client restarted.
  4. Set the client-side notes.ini variable to OutlookEnv=0.