How is HCL Traveler for Windows Phone devices unique?

HCL Traveler functions differently on Windows Phone devices than it does on others.

There is no client software required. Supported mail, calendar, and contacts applications connect to HCL Traveler using the Exchange ActiveSync protocol. Windows Phone devices support secure connections to the HCL Traveler server using SSL or VPN connections. Although there is no client software to install, you must create a Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync account on your device for mail, calendar, and contacts before you can connect to the HCL Traveler server (for more information, see Creating an account on a Windows Phone device).

HCL Traveler supports the following capabilities for Windows Phone:


  • Automatic, two-way manual or scheduled syncing for mail, calendar, and contacts.


  • Mail in Inbox and Sent Mail folders sync by default.
  • Mail in custom folders sync by selecting individual folders to sync.
  • Select how far back to go for mail syncing by adjusting mail filter settings (3 days, 7 days (default), 2 weeks, one month, anytime).
  • Syncing of read/unread status.
  • Syncing of follow up flags (server to device only).
  • Rich HTML content viewing.
  • Attachments that are received in mail on the device can be viewed.
  • Attachments can be forwarded through mail from the application.
  • Attachments can be added to mail from the Gallery. Attachments that are not pictures can be shared by mail from the Office application.
  • Composing new mail.
  • Replying to and forwarding mail
  • Moving mail to folders.
  • Deleting mail from folders.
  • Search for local mail by selecting the search icon, and typing in desired matching text. Results are displayed based on matches found against mail addressees, subject, and body.
  • Local contacts auto fill and corporate directory lookup. After typing the first character of a name or address for a mail message, matches against users in your local Windows Phone contact application display. You can also search your corporate directory by selecting the search directory option. If selected, the HCL Traveler server searches for a list of matching names in your corporate directory and then displays matches on the device.
  • Receive and process meeting invitations.
  • View and set out of office status by editing automatic replies settings.


  • View all day events, anniversaries, meetings, reminders, and appointments using day, agenda, and month views.
  • Create reminders, all day events, and appointments without attendees (including recurring).
  • Perform attendee actions in meeting events.


  • Sync/view all Domino® contact fields.
  • Create new contacts.
  • Edit/delete existing contacts.


  • Enforce Password with simple or complex requirements.
  • Enforce password expiration and history count.
  • Set Auto lock period.
  • Allow Device Wipe.
  • Allow Application Wipe.

For more information about unsupported features, see Windows Phone limitations and restrictions.