Android limitations and restrictions

This topic describes known Android device restrictions and limitations with HCL Traveler.

Android platform

Table 1. Android platform issues



Dates are not formatted according to user's format selection.

The Java™ date formatting API may ignore the Android Date & time settings > Select date format setting. As a result, Android platform applications (such as Calendar) may not respond to changes in this setting. Use the Android Language & keyboard settings > Select language setting to select your language and locale. The selected locale is used within HCL Traveler.


Table 2. Mail issues
Problem Details

Soft reset may cause mail syncing and refresh.

Performing a soft reset of the client device may cause mail to sync with the server and refresh.

Size limitations with inline images and message bodies.

The file size limit for inline images depends on the device's available memory. The limit can range from 1MB for older devices to 10MB for newer devices. Message bodies can be truncated based on device attributes and, regardless of device attributes, can be no larger than 2MB. If a message body or inline image exceeds these limits, a message in the mail body stating that it has reached its maximum size displays.

Limitations with attachments.

Attachments greater than 10MB will not be synced to the device. In addition, mail message bodies greater than 10MB will be truncated.


Table 3. Calendar issues
Problem Details
Room reservations are not updated when changes are made to calendar events from the device. Room reservations are not supported but are synced to the device as part of the location for display purposes only. Rescheduling or cancelling a meeting from the device will not reschedule or cancel the related room reservation.
Not all calendar events are exported to the Android OS. Only events from the past week and the upcoming month can be exported to the Android OS, regardless of the current calendar sync settings.

Limitations with contact names in calendar events.

No actions can be taken on attendee contact names. In addition, available actions on meetings do not include an option to send comments to the meeting chair.

Limitations with searching calendar events.

You cannot search calendar entries.

Privacy information is not displayed.

Information regarding whether an event is public or private is not available.

Event descriptions cannot display rich text.

Event descriptions are currently not sent as HTML formatted strings to the Android client. As a result, event descriptions cannot be displayed in rich text.

Not all instances of a repeating meeting display.

If the user creates an event from the device, the HCL Traveler server truncates the event to either 10 instances if there is a yearly repeat rule, or 250 instances otherwise.

Calendar entries past the year 2067, on both the device and the server, are not synchronized.

Invites are not sent to personal groups.

Because we do not support the synchronization of groups, calendar invites sent to a personal group (one not defined in the Domino® server's address book) are not delivered and are not able to be sent.

Attachments are missing from calendar notices (e.g invitations or reschedule notices).

Calendar event notices do not include the calendar event's attachments as part of the notice email. They may contain an indication of attachment names that are on the calendar event, and the user can open the ghosted version of the event on the calendar to view the attachments.

Event editing with attachments Attachments cannot be edited on existing calendar entries or added to new calendar entries in Verse Android. The chair of an event cannot edit the Description field of an existing event that was created with attachments.


Table 4. Contacts issues
Problem Details
Limitations with Contacts phone sync For phone numbers to sync correctly to Verse Android Contacts, they must map to supported fields in Domino directory Person documents. For more information, see Field mapping supported for phone numbers in Contacts.
Limitations with Contacts email sync For email addresses to sync to correctly to Verse Android Contacts, they must map to supported fields in Domino directory Person documents. For more information, see Field mapping supported for email addresses in Contacts.

Functions not implemented

Table 5. Functions not implemented
Problem Details


This will be considered for a future release.