What's new in Verse 10.0.0 on Apple?

IBM Verse® 10.0.0 on Apple includes the following new features.

Add attachments from other apps

Much like the native Apple client, Verse on iOS device users can now add attachments from other apps on the device that register as providers, for example, apps such as iCloud, Box, Connections, Google Drive. From Verse, tap the attachment icon while composing a new message and then tap Choose from Files.  From there you see the iOS Document Picker.  This iOS control handles what locations are available on your device.  Navigate the picker to choose a location such as Box or Connections and choose the file that you want to add.

Button to select all documents in a folder

Open the inbox (or any other folder) and tap the Edit button on the title bar. (For personal folders, tap the more icon and then tap Edit).  In the top left corner, tap Select All to select all items in the list.  If My inbox has 2000 items it can take five seconds to select all but the Select All button fades to indicate that the action is underway. Once all items are selected, the text changes to Unselect All.

Mailbox search searches for messages in all folders

Searches from the Mailbox view now occur across all folders.  Searching from inside a folder such as the Inbox searches the folder only.

Calendar search

A new search view in your calendar provides a continuous view of your agenda that spans multiple days. As you type in the search field, the agenda view changes to show just events that match the search criteria.

Calendar Alarms

New for Verse on iOS client users is the ability to set and edit alarms. This feature was previously provided with Verse on Android only.

Prompt when Verse contacts are deleted from Apple Contacts

To avoid accidental deletions of Verse contacts, if you delete a Verse contact from the Apple contacts app, the contact is no longer deleted from Verse automatically. Instead, the next time you open the Verse app, a prompt such as the following occurs asking if you also want to delete the contact in Verse:
1 contact was deleted from Apple Contacts. Would you like to delete this contact from IBM Verse as well?
The contact is only deleted from Verse and then from Notes if you select yes.