How do I use folders to help organize my mail content?

Folders provide a lightweight way for you to manage your messages.

To see your folders, click the Mailbox button from your Inbox. You'll see all your preexisting IBM Notes and SmartCloud Notes folders, and you can interact with them just as you would in those environments. Folders are shared between environments, and all operations in IBM Verse, such as moving messages to a folder, have the same effect as if they are done in IBM Notes or SmartCloud Notes Web.

A folder with a + symbol indicates that it contains sub-folders. To access them, click the Folder icon Folder expand to display the sub-folders. To open a folder, select the folder name. To display a message in the folder, press the message itself.

Left swipe a message in the folder to display additional options, including marking the message Needs Action and deleting the message. You can also reply, reply all, forward, and move the message to a different folder from the same menu.

To add or create a new folder, tap the plus symbol (+) in the mailbox view. Enter a new folder name and then select Save. Once the folder is created, the folder will automatically start syncing. You can create child folders by pressing the ... icon, then selecting New Subfolder. Duplicate folders are not allowed.

Folders begin syncing with the server automatically once you access them. Folders that have been selected to sync are identified by an indicator. To stop syncing a folder, tap the More (...) button, then select Stop Syncing Folder. You can also select Edit to edit the folder's details from this menu.

To Delete a folder, long press the folder name and then press Delete.