Preparing to install the Domino Connector for SAP Solutions on UNIX

About this task

Before installing HCL Domino Connector for SAP® Solutions, complete the following steps:


  1. Log on to the LINUX machine using the account that will use the Connector.
  2. Ensure that the environment variable Notes_ExecDirectory is set to specify the Notes executable directory and that the environment variable is exported:
    export Notes_ExecDirectory = /opt/hcl/domino/notes/latest/linux
  3. Ensure that the environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH, which is used to locate shared libraries, is set to include the following directories and that the environment variable is exported:
    • Notes executable directory: $Notes_ExecDirector
    • SAP RFC SDK library directories.
    For example:
    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$Notes_ExecDirectory:$/home/notes/rfcsdk/lib   
  4. Use the UNIX su command to gain root privilege. For example, the Korn shell syntax is:


    password: XXXXX

  5. If running a remote connection to the UNIX machine, ensure the DISPLAY environment variable contains the TCP/IP address of the machine where the X Windows shell will be displayed. For example, Korn shell syntax is:
    export DISPLAY=

    You are now ready to begin the installation procedure.