Recommended trace settings

The settings listed in this topic are recommended for your convenience. However, you can select log levels from either the Configuration or the Runtime tab by expanding the Components and Groups section. Click a component name to select the log level from a context menu.

The default log level displays in the text box:

When you add a setting, it is appended to the default *=info setting. Each additional setting is delimited by a colon (:). For example, if you add the setting*=all the following result appears in the text box:


Notice that a colon (:) and a space was added before the name of the setting.

All Servers

To see all messages and traces for a specific server or component, add one of the following settings:

Sametime® Advanced Server

To see all messages and traces for a Sametime Advanced Server, add the following setting:


Sametime Bandwidth Manager

For a single server:
If you suspect a problem with the SIP messaging, append:*=all:*=all:
If you suspect a problem with federated repository or LDAP access, append:

Sametime Gateway Server

In addition to viewing all traces and messages using the format listed in the All Servers section in this topic, if SIP traces are required, add the following setting.

The result looks like the following example:


To enable traces for WebSphere SIP proxy servers used in a cluster, add the following settings:


The result looks like the following example:


Sametime Media Manager components

For the combined Sametime SIP Proxy/Registrar and the Conference Manager components, select the following settings:


For the Sametime SIP Proxy/Registrar in the CF+PR server, residing on the same computer or separate computer:

For the Sametime Video Manager:
For the WebSphere® proxy server used by a Media Manager cluster:

Sametime Meeting Server

To see all messages and traces for a Sametime Meeting Server, add the following settings:

To add the traces required for troubleshooting meeting recording issues, enter the following setting on one line without spaces:

To troubleshoot issues with the WebSphere proxy server used with the Sametime Meeting Server cluster use the following setting:


Sametime Proxy Server

The Sametime Proxy Server uses the JSR-47 logging to record various events for troubleshooting. Using the IBM® WebSphere Integrated Solutions Console, you can fine tune the amount of captured trace content.

Use the following setting to enable Sametime Proxy related logging to the FINEST level.


Sometimes it is necessary to turn on rtc4web long-poll logging. Use this level to trace the long-poll traffic during the Proxy run and use states.


Use the following settings if you need to turn on all rtc4web logging to the FINEST level. However, in most cases, is sufficient.